« GRANDIOSO’s experience, credibility and expertise in the car care industry has transformed the partnership business into a natural alliance that continues today on international levels! »

GRANDIOSO acts as an external consultant for the company’s business development. Owned in part by One Drop Investment Fund, this mandate allows GRANDIOSO to use its extensive network to develop new market segments for the company.

GRANDIOSO works to strategically position and distribute the product in new territories and also participates in enhancing the brand experience to ensure its position as a leader in the industry.


‘’In the past, Dominique, co-founder of GRANDIOSO was a competitor, thereafter, we needed his services. His passion and determination have always impressed us and now not only is he working with us, but he's so involved that we feel GRANDIOSO is part of our team. It is with this passion and energy that GRANDIOSO and its leaders have become friends and that is why I recommend GRANDIOSO to anyone seeking an ally who makes projects move forward in a practical and effective way.’’

Danny Leclerc - President

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