« GRANDIOSO loves promoting health, sports and wellness and is a company that cares about these aspects. Its mission is to offer customers a trustable expertise with a proven background so that an individual can flourish to its full capacity! »

The mandate was to imagine, create and manage the official PHILBELLEFEUILLE.COM website launch. Once formalized, GRANDIOSO brought together all the elements necessary for the realization of the event. Elements inherent to the success of such an event were numerous; conceptualization, visual creation and design, media positioning, ensure on-site media presence, sponserships negotiation and finally, integration of an attractive non-profit organisation.

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‘’To work with GRANDIOSO is to provide yourself with a peace of mind. This allowed me to focus on the things I knew and GRANDIOSO took over the elements I did not know about. In addition, many ideas that I had not thought of were made possible by their team and it helped me reach the success I expected and needed"

Philippe Bellefeuille - Owner

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