I Breathe Fitness


« Initial meeting with the gang at I Breathe Fitness people was a most refreshing one. These young entrepreneurs came to present us their business project, the vision of their enterprise, a lifetime project ! We got the feeling we were part of their business project. »

Already after the first discussion with one of the women project managers, we realized that the team at I Breathe Fitness were talking serious business. They clearly explained us their needs and challenged us to find solutions to address those, in order for them to reach their goals. We suggested to begin with a website and a complete online marketing strategy: setting up an Adwords’ campaign management, building a referencing SEO structure, creating and managing all their social media tools. These young entrepreneurs know exactly what they want.  We knew exactly what they needed and the strategies to use in order to achieve their business objectives.

We are always surprisingly happy to see young men and women entrepreneurs getting into business projects as exciting as I Breathe Fitness. This project breathes health and freedom.  It’s the best expression of a new business generation who wants to offer not only exceptional products and services, but mostly to allow their clients to live an unique and unforgettable experience. We really hope to have a lasting partnership with this enterprise and to be along when they achieve their very well-deserved success.

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