« People at are passionate about hockey. We wanted to share this passion for the opening of the second store, make the passion of our national sport live through the community! »

The goal was to create an original concept for the official opening day of the second store. Once the concept was formalized, GRANDIOSO should gather all the necessary elements for the realization of the concept.

Elements inherent to the success of such a project were numerous; formalizing the content of the event, creation of the visual design, event planning, media placement for the event, ensuring a media coverage, negotiate the presence of sport celebrities, negotiate with relevant partners and sponsors and ultimately, integrate the presence of an appropriate foundation.

In addition, GRANDIOSO mandate requires a human presence the day before the opening and during the day of the event. It must provide management, delivery and implementation of all aspects necessary to meet the client objectives. GRANDIOSO should communicate and market the brand by transmitting its core values and vision.

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‘’It was always simple and easy to work with GRANDIOSO. They have always wanted to understand the concept and make sure to materialize the ideas. GRANDIOSO combines great creativity but also a strong rationality. This helps to make each project a success, both in terms of the experience itsef but also on the financial level. GRANDIOSO has become a solid business partner through the years, and I can say with confidence that events and projects will stay successsful with GRANDIOSO.’’

Éric Legare - President

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