« Nowadays, too often we see young kids unmotivated and spoiled. We thought there was probably something we could do to assemble, motivate and sow a bit of entrepreneurial seed! »

SansZo is a Quebec based company manufacturing and distributing environmentally friendly products for the automotive industry. It uses GRANDIOSO expertise to conceptualize, create and market a new fundraising concept for organisations and foundations across different regions of Canada. At the same time, the concept will be used as an advertising campaign in the canadian market as a mean to ensure SansZo interests in the strategic development of their business.

The main objectives are established and defined by GRANDIOSO. First, it is to demonstrate the benefits of the product use in the consumer’s daily life, in order to prove its efficiency at the heart of their daily activities.

Second, GRANDIOSO believes in the importance for SansZo to emphasize on citizen, municipal and corporate awareness towards the environment, especially when it comes to a proper drinking water management.

Third, the conventional ways for foundations and organizations to raise funds is in need to be improved. The conventional golf tournament fundraisers, to the traditional chocolate sale campaigns or spaghetti dinners, there lay an opportunity for renewal for all parties in the project.

The initiative seeks to highlight a success desire, commitment and entrepreneurial spirit for our young generation. The Brigade offers services that are clean and good for the environment and more importantly, that provide a highly effective mean to motivate our next generation to do things differently.

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